I found this poem… I didn’t actually write it myself but there was no name attached to it just “J” So this is By: J

(Resources can be found under the poem so please continue to look down the page!) 

Angelversary Poem


Since the day you were born

I’ve been dreading this day.

And as the time drew closer,

I wasn’t sure what I’d say.


Today is a day

That should be full of fun.

Today is the day,

You should be turning one.


Today should be filled

With cards, hats and cake.

Instead, it’s full of tears, and

Memories that keep me awake.


I dream of you somewhere

Crawling and toddling around.

Filling a room with giggles,

And a cooing, gurgling sound.


I picture you sitting quietly

On Jesus’s knee.

And I pray that he tells you,

How much I wanted you with me.


I look up and think of you,

Up, beyond a cloud.

I think of you looking at me,

And I hope I make you proud.


Oh, to have you again,

Just for one whole day,

I’d hold you, hug you and kiss you,

Till you push me away.


 just how much I miss you,

I can’t begin to explain.

It will take forever to find the words,

To tell you about this pain.


Not one day goes by,

That my thoughts don’t wander to you.

The could haves, the should haves,

None of which came true.


So even though a year has gone,

And the pain is no longer new,

Your memory lives on in our hearts,

And our love for you does too.


Now that you know how much we still miss you,

I guess there’s nothing left to say,

Besides, Our Precious Angel 


Written by J

Carly Marie from Names in the sand writes a very good list of ideas on her blog here.

The days leading up to the angelversary or heavenly birthday (however you’d like to call it) are harder than the day itself (as Carly mention’s on her blog and I would have to agree 100%) so, the best way to approach this is by planning ahead.

Here is a list of ideas for your special day:

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