Letter to your doctor

Send a Letter to your Doctors

Written by Lauren Nicholas

Those who have battled TTTS and walked away with two survivors often experience a whole host of emotions post-delivery. In the weeks after giving birth many will look back at the series of events that brought them to their current status. Whether you received phenomenal or inadequate care; care that you had to fight for or anything in between –it is so advantageous to express your thoughts and opinions to the physicians who treated you and your babies.

In one scenario, many of these men and women work very hard to provide every patient a happy ending but are often left defeated. Words of encouragement and a well thought out thank you for the treatment you received can really bring comfort and inspiration. In addition, highlighting, in your opinion, what aspects of your care were the most necessary and contributed the most to your dual survivor outcome will better enable your doctors when treating TTTS patients in the future.

In another scenario, our doctors often fail us. Sometimes we only have survivors by what seems like Divine Intervention. It becomes even more vital to express your thoughts and opinions regarding the care you received when you feel that it could have been better. Be very specific with your doctors, addressing everything that enters your mind. Thoroughly critiquing their performance could mean the difference between life and death for the next TTTS patient who walks through their door.

The entire process of writing a letter to your doctor(s) can be reflective, empowering and beneficial. But most of all it provides a way for you, as a double survivor parent and minority in the TTTS community, to advocate for those who may or may not find themselves so fortunate in the future. 

It is your story; you own it. Please take the time to share it with those who can have the most direct impact on TTTS survival rates.

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